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About us

What we do

As an agency, we plan careers together with athletes, look for suitable clubs and sponsors or take care of the marketing of athletes for various brands and clarify contractual issues with a competent legal department.

How we do it:

Eye level, trust, open communication.
This is also how we work in other areas of our agency, which has been successful for years. With us, the players are not just a number. No, they become with their family, part of our family. Especially in the youth area we are in constant exchange with the guardians and responsible persons, give hints and coordinate us to the smallest, but most important detail.

Players focus on their health, fitness and sports in general. In each of these above points, we are available to provide advice, practical and technical expertise with our team. Our Black Universe team includes, nutritionists, fitness coaches, media and communication consultants, legal department and PR professionals. The athletes focus on the sport - we do the rest.

So simple. So good. Success guaranteed.

Who we are

Since 2017, we have been running the most successful placement agency for actors*, models and presenters in the DACH sector. To complete the picture, we have launched another segment together with our renowned partners: Black Universe Sports.

For this segment we can access not only our experience, but also our excellent networks, e.g. to British, Dutch, German, Swiss, Austrian, Italian and French clubs.

Growing Africa

The cradle of humanity is known for exceptional athletic talent. We scout and promote these talents on the spot and position them at the right time, in the right club.

Bradley Iyamu

Bradley Iyamu is known for his skills in various areas of marketing and management. Accompanying people and giving them the necessary something to see them grow optimally. These are just a few points that are essential to his work. His competence radius includes numerous sports (e.g. soccer, basketball and MMA), the acting and film business, as well as the model business. Bradley Iyamu wants to use the network he has built up over the years to improve and optimally position ambitious athletes through targeted decisions.

Derick Eckert

Derick Eckert is a founder and investor with a focus on Consulting & Solutions and is also extremely life-experienced, not only because of his two wonderful daughters. As an administration graduate, he is our expert for balance sheets and sustainable management, and as an enthusiastic motorcyclist, he is often in many places. Communication at eye level and trust-based, reliable relationships are essential cornerstones for Derick in both his professional and private life.